Love by Scrabble is a short story. It was selected as the second place winner at the Write India contest (Season 1) sponsored by Times of India for the month of November 2015. The short story was published in the winner’s anthology available on Amazon. The link to the results of the contest is here.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Kiran was having coffee and browsing handbags online when her phone buzzed and a new notification message floated on her screen. It was the Scrabble game alert.

Varun_007 played COLD for 37 points.

She smiled weakly. Varun, of course. She hadn’t returned any of…

monsoon —
the scent of wet earth
rains down

ebbing tide —
I return the shells
to the sea

mirror lake —
some apples too high
some too deep

summer heat —
a bird flies towards
a lone cloud

engine trouble —
the cab driver swears
in Hindi

before the concert
I rinse the sound
of my voice

mirror lake —
I throw stones
at the clouds

Indian summer —
cuckoo drinking from
a horse-trough

summer holidays —
I wake up
to the crow’s call

Manoj Arora

SEBI Officer. Screenwriter, storyteller, poet. Loves chai.

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